The dual concern of the Cultural Identity and Memory Studies Institute (CIMS) is to explore cultural identity and cultural memory: that is, the investigation of the diverse textual constructs and creations (e.g. traditions, myths, literary canons, and political institutions) by which national and other culture groups explore, criticise and renew their sense of identity and their public and private memories.

Upcoming Events at a Glance:

Seminar: Dr Avishek Parui and Dr Merin Simi Raj (Centre for Memory Studies, IIT Madras), Fabulation and Forgetting in Literature and Memory Studies.

Brown Bag Talk: Kate Mackenzie (French Studies, University of St Andrews), Adolescence, Identity Formation and Dislocation in Relation to Literary Texts.

Seminar:  Dr Kate Ferris and Dr Huw Halstead (School of History, University of St Andrews), Everyday Life in 20th Century Dictatorships in Southern Europe: Unpacking Lived Experience and Memory.

Reading Group: On Astrid Erll’s Memory Worlds in Times of Corona. (Run jointly with Centre for Memory Studies of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.)

We welcome staff and students from any discipline who would like to get involved.

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