Our dual concern at the Cultural Identity and Memory Studies Institute (CIMS) is to explore cultural identity and cultural memory: that is, the investigation of the diverse textual constructs and creations (e.g. traditions, myths, literary canons, and political institutions) by which national and other cultural groups represent, criticise, renew and repurpose their sense of identity and memory.

Upcoming Events 

Friday 22 April, 10am to 4.30pm. Online via Zoom—email cims@st-andrews.ac.uk to register.

  • Postgraduate Seminar Symposium. Brought to you with the financial support of the British Council and the St Leonard’s Postgraduate College Community Fund. Theme: Memory, Crisis and Estrangement. Co-organised by CIMS (St Andrews) and the Centre for Memory Studies (IIT Madras). Key note lecture: The Work of Mourning in an Age of Ecocide, by Prof. Stef Craps (University of Ghent, Belgium).

We welcome staff and students from any discipline who would like to get involved.

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