Our research at CIMS comprises various perspectives, methodologies and theoretical frameworks underpinned by a shared interest in interdisciplinary explorations of cultural identity and cultural memory. The Institute seeks to bring together different approaches in an innovative way and to engage with both the academic community and the wider public.

In addition to the various research-related events we organise throughout the academic year, explore research undertaken at the CIMS via the following links:

  • Spotlight on Research
    Scholars from across a range of disciplines give us a brief insight into the intersection between their work and the study of cultural identity and memory.
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  • Media and Podcasts
    Find recordings from our last Seminar Series, as well as relevant presentations from CIMS members.
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  • Memory Studies Association
    CIMS is a member of the Memory Studies Association (MSA), an association for Memory Studies scholars as well as other professionals in museums, memorial institutions, archives, the arts, and other areas of activity that call for reflection on the ways in which the past gets represented.
    > Find out more about the Memory Studies Association