CIMS organises various events related to cultural identity and cultural memory throughout the academic year. Staff and students from any discipline are welcome to attend these events and join in the conversation!
  • Seminar Series
    Our institute welcomes leading scholars in the field of Memory Studies for guest lectures every year. Past guest lecturers include Ann Rigney, Alison Ribeiro de Menezes, Alison Landsberg, Stef Craps, and Jeffrey Olick, among many others.
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  • Brown Bag Talks
    Our Brown Bag research talks and discussions are, as the name suggests, lunchtime sessions. While current regulations don’t yet admit the bringing of food into the seminar room, the ongoing research work showcased in these sessions gives students and staff plenty of food for thought to munch on and discuss in a friendly, informal and cross-disciplinary environment.
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  • Reading Group
    The CIMS Reading Group aims to stimulate interdisciplinary discussion about the importance of cultural identity and memory in society. We will take as our starting point for the sessions some canonical texts, as well as more recent interventions, and will explore these works and their implications for cultural understanding and change.
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