Reading Group

The CIMS Reading Group aims to stimulate interdisciplinary discussion about the importance of cultural identity and memory in society. We will take as our starting point for the sessions some canonical texts, as well as more recent interventions, and will explore these works and their implications for cultural understanding and change.

Upcoming-CIMS PG Reading Group Special Session 

This special session is co-hosted by the CIMS PG Reading Group (, and our colleague Dong Xia ([email protected]) from the Gardening Reading Group (
This meeting will take place on 9th May at 15:00 at Old Union Building: Boswell Room. The session should run for approximately an hour. For this exciting collaborative session, we are directing our attention towards gardening practices from a transcultural perspective. We will be reading:
  • Vanni, Ilaria. ‘Misplaced Plants: Migrant Gardens and Transculturation.’ In Transcultural Italies: Mobility, Memory and Translation, edited by Charles Burdett, Loredana Polezzi and Barbara Spadaro, 253-274. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2020. 
  • Two poems from L.(Lisa) Kiew, More Than Weeds.
     Suggested by Benjamin Ong ([email protected]) from the School of Geography & Sustainable Development.
We look forward to seeing and speaking to you then!
For the PDF version of the reading list, please contact Runyuan ([email protected]).

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