PG Training Sessions

The CIMS Postgraduate training session presents a unique opportunity for postgraduates to delve into the depths of cultural identity and memory research. Designed to foster an engaging and insightful exploration, this session aims to equip postgraduates with the methodologies and perspectives necessary to unravel the complex interplay between culture, identity, and memory.

PG Training Session on the Environmental Humanities

Monday, March 18, 2024 by Professor Monserrati

On Monday the 18th, CIMS hosted its first  PG training session in the Environmental Humanities, from 1 pm to 3 pm in the Stewart Room, Younger Hall.

Led by Professor Monserrati, the session offered an immersive dive into the methodology in environmental humanities research. PG students across all departments of the school were encouraged to voice their questions, share insights, and contribute to a rich tapestry of discussion, making the learning experience both personal and communal. Professor Monserrati adeptly navigated through the diverse topics, fostering an environment where students felt both welcomed and inspired to explore new ideas.